How to incorporate in America

Incorporating in the USA is done at the state level. America is one of the only civilized countries in the world where incorporating is not done at the federal level. This is primarily because of the USAs strong state rights dedication. The USA stands for freedom and extensive rights as citizens so a lot of power is granted at the state level and further down at the county and city levels.

There are 51 states or zones that you can incorporate and start a business in. Most people in the US incorporate in the state they are going to live in. These are the 51 government agencies that you file corporate paperwork with to form and start a business in the USA.

Alabama Secretary of State:

Alaska Division of Corporations:

Arizona Corporations Division:

Arkansas Secretary of State:

California Secretary of State:

Colorado Secretary of State:

Connecticut Commercial Recording Division:

Delaware Division of Corporations:

DC Corporations Division:

Florida Division of Corporations:

Georgia Corporations Division:

Hawaii DCCA:

Idaho Secretary of State Business Entities:

Illinois Secretary of State:

Indiana Business Services Division:

Iowa Business Services:

Kansas Secretary of State:

Kentucky Secretary of State:

Louisiana Commercial Division:

Maine Bureau of Corporations:

Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation:

Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth Corporations Division:

Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs:

Minnesota Secretary of State:

Mississippi Secretary of State:

Missouri Corporations Division:

Montana Secretary of State:

Nebraska Secretary of State Business Services:

Nevada Secretary of State:

New Hampshire Department of State Corporation Division:

New Jersey Business Registration and Records:

New Mexico Public Regulation Commission:

New York Division of Corporations:

North Carolina Secretary of State:

North Dakota Secretary of State:

Ohio Secretary of State:

Oklahoma Secretary of State:

Oregon Secretary of State:

Pennsylvania Bureau of Corporations:

Rhode Island Secretary of State:

South Carolina Secretary of State:

South Dakota Secretary of State:

Tennessee Secretary of State:

Texas Secretary of State:

Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code:

Vermont Secretary of State:

Virginia State Corporation Commission:

Washington Corporations Division:

West Virginia Business Division:

Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions:

Wyoming Secretary of State:


After you get your paperwork back from one of these state agencies, you get an EIN number with the IRS for that business at